Sunday, September 16, 2012

C. sp. 'Central Sumatra 2'

I had the good fortune to obtain from my explorer friend a specimen of C. sp. 'Central Sumatra 2' which flowered inside the collection bag. The blooming spathe at it's original habitat looked like this (click here to see it). The one which bloomed in the bag looked like this:
The leaves looked like this:
The tube and kettle look like this and the front of the throat is slightly open as can be seen in some other species:
The close up of the limbs looked like this:
As can be seen, the limb and the throat formed a sharp angled fold:
As usual, I cut open the kettle to reveal the male and female parts of the flowers and found a caterpiller inside (how did the butterfly laid its eggs inside the kettle?):
Is this comparable to C. zukalii which was found in West Malaysia according to the crypt pages or is this something else?