Sunday, August 24, 2008

My Nephew's First Planted Tank

I had not set up a planted tanks for many years but was given a chance to work on one yesterday for my nephew. I wanted to create a low tech maintenance free tank for him but the effect did not really turned out to be what I expected, some lessons learnt:
  1. the colour of the driftwood may become darker than when it was dry (depending on the type of wood chosen);
  2. if the colour of the soaked driftwood is dark, a lighter substrate might need to be chosen if you want to the driftwood arrangement to stand out;
  3. more thoughts need to be placed in the size of the leaves of the plants chosen to ensure that it fit the size of the driftwood and tank chosen;
  4. always buy a little more substrate then planned, especially if you intend to form earth mounds

This was how the end result looked like after the set up was completed:

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