Saturday, May 8, 2010

C. longicauda 'Bintan' habitat

The next morning, we woke up and had chicken murtabak for breakfast before we set off to visit the habitats of cryptocorynes found at the eastern side of Bintan Island. 
Why would my explorer friend travel along one of the main road in Bintan, turn off into one of the many dirt roads, travel along the dirt road, turn into one of the many dirt tracks, reach a wooden house, bash into the forest behind the toilet of the house and manage to locate C. longicauda 'Bintan'??? Luck? Six sense? Skill? Lots of trial and error?
The pH of the water was about 5.5 and the substrate was mud mixed with plant materials.
Below are some Eriocaulon sp. from Bintan found nearby.
See below for a short video of the habitat.
I attached below some photographs of the spathe of C. longicauda 'Bintan' which I previously took for ease of reference.

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