Thursday, June 21, 2012

Cryptocoryne nakamotoi 'Central Borneo'

My explorer friend has found a new species of cryptocoryne at Central Borneo which he has named as Cryptocoryne nakamotoi. Any comments?
Photograph is linked from my explorer friend's website.


阿峰 said...

Does it grow in the blackwater
stream or limestone region?
its bullate leaves let me associate with bollsa,keei and
so forth.

Hendra Budianto said...

Wow, very nice found! I guess it is a hybrid between C.fusca X C. cordata var. grabowski, but it's leaf's shape quite problematic.

illumbomb said...

My friend has posted more photographs of the specimens at their natural habitat in his blog. Do visit it to see the photographs.

Hendra Budianto said...

I wonder if it's leafs have some tiny hairs under, for me it's looks very close with C. fusca.