Sunday, October 28, 2012

A short day trip around Kota Tinggi

I recently went for a 1/2 day trip with my explorer friend back to Kota Tinggi area to visit 2 cryptocoryne habitat. To beat the causeway jam, we set off at 0530hrs.
As usual, we started the day with some roti prata after crossing the custom.
The first habitat we visited was that of C. sp. 'Sedeli 6' which suffered massive destruction a year ago when the plantation owners nearby dug up the river to increase the water flow from the nearby oil palm plantations. After a year of peace, the cryptocorynes were still trying to re-establish themselves. Well at least they were not totally wiped out.
 Next location was the habitat of C. schulzei 'Panti'. I was lucky to spot a blooming spathe.
After this we spent the rest of the morning walking around the waterfall area and had some mud therapy for our tired feet.
This is nature's highway for the ants:
Some wild ginger flowers and fungus:
Specimens of some fishes and shrimps found around the waterfall area:
One of them ended up in in the claypot as curry fish head for lunch together with wild boar meat, sweet potato leaves and homemade bean curd:

That's the end of the short day trip...

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