Monday, November 3, 2008

Using peat granules instead of raw peat moss

I have found a less messier alternative to using raw peat moss to lower the pH of the water: peat granules! I just place a couple of granules in a small tupperware and sink the entire tupperware with the peat granulates into the water. Unlike raw peat moss, the peat granules will not float around freely and dirty the water. I am able to maintain the pH at 4.5 using 2 tupperwares of these.


Anonymous said...

Have you try add them to soil when growing the crypt?

illumbomb said...

Yes, I have started to use them with soil instead of using raw peat moss, same advantage, clean and non messy. However, I have not set up any controlled experiments (i.e. using same soil and species but with raw peat moss added to one pot, peat granules added to another pot and no peat added to a 3rd pot) so I am not able to comment on a comparison of their effectiveness.