Saturday, October 10, 2009

C. longicauda 'Pantu' and 'Lachau'

I have not been updating my blog recently as I have not been going out for field trips recently. I have been concentrating more on beefing up my fitness level as I will be going for reservist next week and will probably need to take an annual fitness test. Also, my Canon A480 had a slight problem with its lens and is undergoing repair now. I can probably only share some updates of my cultivated cryptocorynes with photographs taken with my N73 Nokia hand phone instead.
The C. longicauda 'Pantu' and C. Longicauda 'Lachau' are growing fine in my cultivation tank in my opinion with the one from Lachau growing better. The Pantu one is grown mainly in ADA Africana while the Lachau one is grown mainly in ADA Amazonia. Both pots are mixed with Ocean Free Super Pro-Peat Granules to reduce the pH as well as BE-1 organic fertiliser granules.
Although the forests of Pantu and Lachau should be connected (i.e. they are the same forest), the specimens we collected from Lachau tend to have browner leaves as compared to that from Pantu. The new leaves although are green will turn brownish slowly.

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