Sunday, January 10, 2010

After 2 weeks of abuse......

It had been 2 weeks (should be enough for the aphid eggs (if any) to hatch too?)) since I fully submerged some of my 'Lingga' and 'Natuna' cryptocorynes (in water which I had used for a few months already for such treatment process, too lazy to change :-P) in attempt to kill the "woolly aphids?" infestation.
The below are the photographs showing how badly the cryptocorynes were abused. The first few photographs are the various C. sp. 'Lingga Island' and the next few are the various C. sp. 'Natuna Island'.

The above and below are photographs of the same pot with C. sp. 'Lingga 14' with and without flash. The older leaves and petioles had started to melt away.

The above and below photographs are other specimens from Lingga Island too, the above is C. sp. 'Lingga 10', the below C. sp. 'Lingga Island 13' specimens were very badly affected with all their leaves fully melted.

The above C. sp. 'Lingga 11' fared much better and actually could grow new healthy leaves under such conditions.
Some of the C. sp. 'Natuna Island' as shown below fared rather well too. They managed to continue to extend healthy roots out from the bottom of their pots although they suffered from some forms of melting of leaves too.

C. sp. 'Natuna Island 6'

C. sp. 'Natuna Island 2'

C. sp. 'Natuna Island 1' - tolerated very well with new growth of healthy leaves

top left - C. sp. 'Natuna Island 3', top right - C. sp. 'Natuna Island 4', bottom left - C. sp. 'Natuna Island 5', bottom right - C. sp. 'Lingga Island'

Those along the bottom row are the various C. sp. 'Natuna Island 1 to 6' (left to right), the rest above are all the various C. sp. 'Lingga Island'

Those in front are the various C. sp. 'Natuna Island 1 to 6' (left to right), the rest behind are all the various C. sp. 'Lingga Island'
How much time would these cryptocorynes need to recover back to their previous more healthy state???

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