Sunday, January 3, 2010

Another day at the farm

I went to my explorer friend's cryptocoryne farm today to get my hands dirty to do some farming works for some of the excess cryptocorynes he collected from Anambas Island. It started to rain heavily after lunch.
Below are some photographs of my friend's current cryptocoryne collection.
After the rain, we visted an aquatic plant farm (Teo Farm, which is a well known farm for many local hobbyist) to see how they plant their cryptocorynes emersed. They have both submersed and emersed ponds to grow various different types of aquatic plants.
The cryptocorynes are mostly grown emersed but are mostly the Sri Lankan species commonly supplied to the local fish shops. C. lingua and C. pontederiifolia could be found too. The substrate used is sandy soil heavily fertilised with chicken poo. The ponds are in the open with shading sheets covering the entire farm to reduce the impacts from direct sunlight. The growth was considered as good in my opinion.
Maybe I should give up relying on fish tanks and artifical lightings and rent some farm spaces instead for my cryptocoryne cultivation too?

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ahmad said...

boleh saya tahu di mana ladang ini ?