Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Is C. sp. 'Bintan Island 4' a cryptocoryne??????

Found along a ditch (=toilet) beside a house,
Many patches formed along the ditch, the holes on the ground housed small crabs,
Some specimens looked like C. ciliata,
Thick rizhome,
No flowers or seeds found among so many patches of specimens, it is clear that reproduction mode is mainly by vegetative propagation,
Muddy clay base,
Are these cryptocorynes at all??????????????????


Ghazanfar said...

C. ciliata for sure. It's especially apparent in the last 2-3 pictures with the auxiliary shoots.


illumbomb said...

Great! Thanks for the ID. So I presume these are "broad leafed form" C. ciliata which propagates with short runners in the axils when growing emersed as stated in the crypt pages?

I had seen before the "narrow leafed form" which makes above ground runners along the banks of brackish water rivers.

However, this is the first time I encountered the "broad leafed form".