Monday, May 10, 2010

A hilltop stream in Bintan - a moss heaven

Caught in a sudden thunder storm, we sought refuge in a kind man's house for about an hour, waiting for the lightning to stop. Other than 2 other women who sought refuge in the same house, many animals were present too. 
After the lightning stopped, we decided to brave the rain and proceed to our final destination, a stream on a hilltop in Bintan. 
There were many different type of moss which could be found along this stream.
I caught many bettas too in this stream on top of a hill. Can anyone help me to identify the species accurately?
The pH of the water was about 6.4.
We decided to call it a day at about 1430hrs to make our way back to the hotel to wash up and pack up and catch the last ferry back to Singapore at 1700hrs. We had a late lunch (potato croquette, tapioca leaves curry and fried chicken with rice, yummy!) at the coffee shop outside the ferry terminal before boarding the ferry back. It was about 2000hrs by the time we reached Singapore (Singapore is 1 hour later than Bintan, 2hrs ferry ride between Tanjung Pinang and Singapore). Home sweet home!

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Unknown said...

I missed the stream but my next visit to Bintan beach resort will include this too.