Sunday, December 19, 2010

Hydroponics update after 1 month

Some updates on the hydroponics experiment, the photograph above was taken 1 month ago while the photograph below is taken today for your ease of comparison (need to rotate the photograph 180 degrees).
Overall 2 out of 16 specimens seemed to have perished, namely C. nurii 'Central Pahang' and C. sp. 'Singkep 1'. C. ferruginea 'Sungei kerait' seemed to be thriving well. The rest of the specimens have partially shed their leaves and melted but are still surviving and adapting. Below are the close up photographs in group of 6 holes. The "dirt" in the water are the partially dissolved a capsule of Ferka Rosetta.
Some specimens (4/16) have white roots growing out from the bottom, namely C. ferruginea 'Sungai Kerait', C. sp. 'Belitong 3', C. longicauda 'Johor' and C. striolata 'Gunung Besar'.
Some specimens (6/16) are starting to develop white roots from the top of the rhizome too, namely C. ferruginea 'Sungai Kerait', C. ideii 'West Kalimantan', C. minima 'Pondok Tanjung', C. sp. 'Pahang River', C. sp. 'Bintan', and C. striolata 'Sungai Assan'.
How long more can these specimens survive in such artificial environment?

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Hermes said...

Thanks. This is a really interesting experiment.