Saturday, January 1, 2011

resolving the problem of algae / springtail / fungus / woolly aphid / etc

I realised that there seemed to be an easy way to treat the plants in one of my problematic cultivation tank which seemed to be infected with algae / spring tails / fungus / woolly aphids / etc.
And the solution is......
I submersed the infected pot of plants into my outdoor metal tub pond filled with platys and guppies and leave them to feast on these unwanted pests. After 3 to 4 weeks, I then remove the cleaned pot from the tub and place them in another cleaner cultivation tank. Below are photographs of 2 of the pots which underwent the above stated treatment and responded well.
I hope that i can improve on my cultivation skills this year so that I can flower many of the cryptocorynes which I collected over the past year, especially those which I had not found any flowers to confirm their identity. Happy new year!


Xema said...

I have the same new year purpose. I have been suffering the same situation for the last 2 years. I have been getting under control the culturing rising the water level above pots surface and adding some duck weed even. Springtails seem to feed to fungus stuff. But the great problem for me are the mites, in spring and autumn they destroy all the new leaves growth.

illumbomb said...

As for me, I am attempting to resolve my problem by having a new clean tank, then transferring the pots which are cleaned (i.e. by submerging them into my pond for a few weeks) into this new tank. Thereafter when all the pots are transferred, I will clean up the old tank and reuse them as new clean tank and the cleaning cycle will then continue for the next tank. Hopefully in this way, all these foreign invasions in all the tanks will never have a chance to build up to detrimental levels and all the pots will at least have a few weeks period per year to be fully submerged (more closer to their natural environment when the rivers will sometimes flood?)