Saturday, January 29, 2011

re-visitng C affinis 'West Pahang'

During this trip I also visited C. affinis 'West Pahang' again after a simple lunch of fried bee hoon beside a cat taking a nap.
The habitat is a small river with fast flowing water, below is a video clip of it.
The water level is much lower this time, a large part of the island which was below water previously was now above above the water level. The emersed leaves (could be submersed leaves previous but were now left exposed to the air after the water level fell) photographs are attached below, the leaves were bullate and greenish in colour.
There were portion of the island (i.e. at the edges) which should be more often submersed. The leaves of such area showed a darker colour at the under side.
The bed of the river was sandy and the pH was neutral (i.e. about 7.0) as expected for C. affinis habitats.
As per the previous trip, many flowering specimens could be found here.
A freshwater clam was found too.


Hermes said...

I do so enjoy and learn from your trips (and the food and the cat!)

illumbomb said...

Glad you liked the food and cat photographs. Will include more of such photographs in my posting then.

Celeste said...

Your profile photo is the best I must say. :)