Thursday, January 27, 2011

C. cf. affinis 'Pink Rosa Pahang'

I managed to visit the state of affinis kingdom, i.e. Pahang state with my explorer friend and he brought me to a few locations where affinis could be found. Below is one of such location with specimens which my friend termed as "Pink Rosa" (rosa = rosanervig) in his blog.
The habitat is a small river with flowing water, see below for a short video clip of the habitat.
Both emersed and submersed specimens could be found. The specimens found in this location can be considered as small size as compared to other C. affinis found.
The close up photographs below showed some specimens with pinkish veins on the leaves, which is why my friend termed them as "Pink Rosa". The upper side of the leaves was either greenish or brownish in colour while the under side was reddish.
 The emersed form had bullate green leaves.
 Below is a close up of the submersed leaves.
 The substrate was made up of fine sand mixed with plant debris and the pH of the water was about 7.0.
Although no spathe could be found, I guess that these specimens should likely be C. affinis based on the appearance of the leaves and the location of the habitat.

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Hermes said...

Just great pictures. Looks a lot like affinis.