Friday, January 28, 2011

C. nurii 'West Pahang'

I visited the habitat of C. nurii in West Pahang again recently. This is the variety of C. nurii with miniature spathe as can be seen later. Below is a video clip of the habitat (a small river with fast flower water) for your reference.
Both emersed and submersed specimens could be found at this location.
Some collector probably named the specimens found here as C. nurii 'Central Pahang'. My explorer friend named the C. nurii found here as "luminous green" due to the luminous green marking which could be seen on the upper side of the leaves. Some of the leaves veins were rather pronounced too but not enough to be termed as "rosanervig". The edge of the leaves was wavy too (common for C. nurii) and the under side could be reddish in colour.
We found the spathe of this specimen again this time round and took some close up photograph of it. The flower only vaguely resemble the typical spathe of a C. nurii (i.e. bright red, heart shape with protuberances on the limb) in my opinion. The limb of this variety can be considered as being more crinkled than having protuberances.
The below photograph will clearly show why I said that they had miniature spathe. The tube of the spathe was extremely short for this variety of C. nurii.
The photographs of the interior of the kettle as usual.
The bed of the river was sandy with water with neutral pH.
So would these specimens fall under the category of C. nurii in your opinion after you reviewed the above photographs?

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