Saturday, January 22, 2011

C. sp. 'Pahang 2' finally flowered after 1.5 years

Year 2010 was quite a flowerless year for me. However, C. sp. 'Pahang 2' finally flowered this month (i.e. Jan 2011) after more than 1.5 years in cultivation. I believed this could be what some other people termed as "C. nurii with cordate leaves" on the Internet. Below are the photographs of the spathe and interior of the kettle for your reference.
The long limbs actually reminded me more of the C. sp. from Riau Islands (i.e. Bintan, Lingga, Singkep, etc) instead of C. nurii. However, some people felt that those species from Riau Islands could also belong to the C. nurii group anyway.
 The tube is slightly twisted as noted when we first found the spathe in the forest.
 The throat is dark reddish in colour.
 The limb is reddish with irregular outgrows / protuberances.
 The flab (valve) of the kettle is pale yellowish in colour.
 Another view of the dark reddish collar.
 The top of the spadix (appendix) is purplish in colour.
 The style is rather irregular and long.
This is the close up of the spadix.
And finally another close up shot of the yellowish flab (valve). After your review of the above, is this C. nurii?

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