Thursday, February 10, 2011

C. sp. 'Pahang 8' = C. cf. xpurpurea 'Rompin'? - a difference in perception and attitute resulted in difference in outcome

I visited an old cryptocoryne habitat we found in 2009 at Rompin area within Pahang State with my explorer friend and found another batch of cryptocorynes growing about 100m away from where we found the previous batch of cryptocorynes. The habitat was a flooded forest with sandy bed.
The close up photographs of the leaves are as follow.
As usual, barclaya motleyi could be found growing abundantly together with the cryptocorynes.
We found many spathes but none had bloomed yet then.
This is where a difference in perception and attitude resulted in a difference in outcome eventually. For me, I will always assume that any specimens found near a repeated habitat are the same as what we found previously although the leaves may look slightly different. Therefore I did not collect any specimens back.
My explorer friend will always assume otherwise. He will assume that the specimens are different from what we previously found near a repeated habitat if there are differences in the appearance of the leaves. He collected some specimens back.
A few days later he called me to inform me that the spathe bloomed and the specimens turned out to be a different species compared to what we collected previously from the same location. Below are the photographs of the spathe for your reference.
My explorer friend felt that it could be comparable to one of the C. cordata group variety. I thought that the spots on the limb could be comparable to C. xpurpurea but the female portion of the flower (i.e. stigma) seemed to be longer than that of a typical C. xpurpurea and it did not have the typical wide collar area as well..... So what do you think??? I shall term it as C. sp. 'Pahang 8' first.

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