Sunday, February 13, 2011

C. pontederiifolia 'Thomson' - a master of adaptability

I was checking on the good works carried out by my platys, guppies and bettas in helping me to clean up my pots of infested cryptocorynes (i.e. infested with algae, mould, fungus, aphids, etc) when i suddenly realised ......
...... that my C. pontederiifolia 'Thomson' was flowering. This was one of my very first specimen in my collection. It was so stable that I decided not to keep it in my cultivation tanks when I did not have sufficient space and threw it into my metal tub in my balcony.
The plants were adapting well. Even though the pot was already toppled over long time ago, the roots of the plants were growing well and forming a thick web over the pot holding the soil in place.
I hope that these plants will continue to grow well, feeding off the nutrients from the mulm of the fishes.

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Hermes said...

What an amazing place to bloom - you are so lucky.