Saturday, May 14, 2011

C. sp. 'Rompin, Pahang 9'

Before entering the jungle and forest, always fill up you stomach first as you will definitely need energy to manoeuvre through the forest and that was what we did.
After lunch, my explorer friend brought me through a complex maze of dirt roads and paths to a forested area around Rompin to visit a black water river where he discovered huge batches of cryptocorynes therein.
And once again, we met their good neighbour, the barclaya motleyi again.
I caught some, shrimps, bettas and parosphromenus among the cryptocorynes to take photograph.
Both emersed and submersed specimens could be found.
The substrate was peat soil.
Unfortunately, we could not locate any spathe belonging to these specimens to confirm their identity and had to plan to come back again in the future to search for it again. My friend felt that it could maybe be comparable to C. scurrilis. After taking all the required photographs, we quickly got back into the car to  escape from the sand flies.

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