Sunday, May 8, 2011

Searching for C. jacobsenii in Johor

I recently read the post from See Nature website that C. jacobsenii was recently found in Johore state together with C. nurii and therefore decided to stop by one of the C. nurii habitat in a forest in Johore with my explorer friend to search for it and this was what we found:
Overview of the habitat:
Close up of the riverbeds where many cryptocoryne specimens of varying apperance could be found, note also the many tree roots growing out the river bed:
Close up of the various specimens of cryptocorynes found, these were not the usual C. nurii as their leaves edges were not wavy:
While some parts of the river bed were covered with coarse sand, there were some sections which were more muddy with fine sand:
These were some inhabitants living in the river:
Whether the cryptocorynes found were the same shown on the See Nature website, whether the various specimens found were the same or different species and whether they were C. jacobsenii remain to be proved by finding the opened spathes. However one thing for sure was that it was again proven that having multiple cryptocoryne species staying together within one locality is common.

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