Wednesday, June 8, 2011

C. sp. 'Kota Tinggi' flowered

After more than 2 years, my cultivated C. sp. 'Kota Tinggi' finally decided to flower again. I spotted the spathe since early May 2011 but only took a photograph of it during end May 2011 as below. The spathe had already rotated more than 90 degrees anti-clockwise since it first sprouted.
By the time the spathe bloomed, it had rotated another 180 degrees anti-clockwise. This phenomenon was not observed when compared to another cryptocoryne (i.e. C. nurii 'Central Pahang') which simultaneously flowered in the same tank during the same period.
Below are the close up photographs of the distinctive red crumpled surfaced limb of the spathe.
The red colour extended beyond the sharped folded collar down the throat.
As usual, I cut opened the kettle to take photographs of the spadix, stamens, flap (valve), appendix, pistals, styles, stigmas, olfactory bodies, etc.
When will it flower again?

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Hermes said...

Oh and what a beauty - many thanks for sharing.