Tuesday, June 14, 2011

C. sp. 'Sumatra - Indragiri East'

My explorer friend collected cryptocoryne specimens from 4 locations around Indragiri East region in Sumatra recently. Out of the specimens from 4 locations, 2 of them had unopened spathes attached. He termed these 2 locations as. C. sp. 3 and C. sp. 4. from Indragiri East. We cut opened the immature spathes to take photographs in case they melt away without blooming.
C. sp. 3 'Indragiri East 3'
Fruits was found for C. sp. 'Indragiri East 3'. The olfactory bodies distinctively had 2 colours. The limb was reddish in colour and had protuberances, they looked similar to those of C. sp. 'Lingga' in my opinion. See this link for photographs of the bloomed spathe taken by my explorer friend.
C. sp. 4
C. sp. 4 was very similar to C. sp. 3, the olfactory bodies had 2 distinct colours too.
Our "free" watch dogs greeted us when we left the farm.

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