Saturday, July 12, 2008

C. xpurpurea

C. x purpurea 'Lundu' is another cryptocoryne that in my opinion is currently growing well in the main section of my emersed tank (see post on my emersed tank for more information). I obtained this cryptocoryne in mid April 2008 also and this was how it looked like then:

I am growing it in used ADA Amazonia + Aficana (50%:50%) mixed with Horti brand peat moss also as well as with a 1/4 of a Wonder-Gro Root+ tablet inserted. There is already a new plantlet growing out at one side already currently (anyone interested in an exchange?). The new leaves look rather different from the old leaf which was attached when I first obtained it, they are more elliptically shaped and less bullated.

The roots are growing well too as can be seen in the below photograph.

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