Thursday, July 10, 2008

C. minima

Cryptocoryne minima 'Perak' happened to be one of the cryptocoryne that is in my opinion currently growing well in the main section of my emersed tank (see post on my emersed tank for more information). I obtained the cryptocoryne in mid April 2008 and this was how it looked like in early May 2008 with a new leaf:

This is how it looks like now after close to 2.5 months, notice the new leaves are not bullated and have a lighter shade of green:

Look at the healthy root growth growing out of the pot into the water:

The substrate that I used for this cryptocoryne is used ADA Amazonia + Aficana (50%:50%) mixed with peat moss (Horti brand) plus 1/4 of a Wonder-Gro Root+ tablet inserted. It looks like there is a runner root newly formed (in the 2nd photograph, on the right side of the cryptocoryne), hopefully I can get it to propagate and flower soon, wish me luck!

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