Thursday, September 25, 2008

C. affinis 'Gua Musang'

I went to Gua Musang in Kelantan in West Malaysia for a field trip with my friend last weekend. We went there to check out the situation of the rivers and streams there. Maybe due to the higher altitude of that locality and the presence of limestone, the types of fishes found in the rivers and streams are very limited as compared to those areas along the east and west coast of Malay Peninsula.

We did not managed to catch any interesting fishes this time round but instead we located a fast flowing stream with C. affinis inside. This is the first time I found cryptocorynes in the wilderness in Malaysia (haha, don't laugh, I have been searching in the wrong places previously). And we were lucky to find a spathe to help in the identification process.

This is a close up of the substrate composition in this stream. Its a pity I forgot to collect some of the stream's water back to test the pH. (Added the substrate to distilled water with pH 6.6 and tested the distilled water after 2 weeks, the pH has rose to 7).

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