Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Cryptocoryne sp. 'Pahang' (C. affinis?)

During my field trip to Gua Musang with my friend, we went down to Pahang too and there, we managed to collect another species of Cryptocoryne which up till now we are not able to identify the species as we could not find any flowers then. This species is really quite miniature in size and grow flat and spread out along the banks of a fast flowing stream. The pH of the water from the stream is about 7.

This is how they look like in my tank now, some are kept emersed, some kept submersed. The taller Cryptocorynes grown submersed at the back of my tank are the C. affinis 'Gua Musang'. I hope my emersed growth will be rewarded with a spathe soonest for ID purpose. Looking through the "Crypts Pages" website for Cryptocorynes found in Malay Peninsula, I could not identify any current recorded species that looked like what we collected in terms of size of plant and the appearance and structure of the leaves.

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