Thursday, October 16, 2008

Flower pots from DAISO

I ran out of flower pots last Sunday after returning to Singapore from yet another collection trip and to save time, I decided to visit IMM DAISO near to my house to purchase the required flower pot. And guess what I saw when I took a close look today (5 days after using the pots) at the 2 pots I used?

The above photographs were taken 3 days after adding the pots into my emersed tank, there were signs of what were coming, its just that I failed to spot them.....

The above photograph shows the pot after 5 days in use, white fungus / moulds / whatever!!!!!! I am pretty sure this is due to the DAISO flower pot's unsuitability to be used in such moist environment, the entire flower pot's surface felt slimy and soft with small bulges protruding out. Ok, I need to quickly buy some proper plastic pots to replace these before the fungus grow out of hand!!!

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