Thursday, October 16, 2008

My 2nd emersed tank

My 1st emersed tank was getting rather crowded (see below) with both low pH and pH neutral types of Cryptocorynes housed therein. The pH neutral Cryptocorynes are separately placed in tupperwares filled with distilled water with pH of about 6.6 to 6.8 with the entire tupperware housed in the tank. The water in the main tank has a pH of 4.5.

To ease the overcrowding situation, I decided to seperate the pH neutral Cryptocorynes into a separate tank. I first bought a 2 feet 'GEX' tank (60cm x 30cm on plan) for S$22 without a cover and a S$18 2 feet light (with 01 X 15W FL).

After taking measurement of the dimension of the opening at the top (57cm X 27cm), I went to the photo frame shop at Boon Keng to fabricate 02 X 56.8cm X 13.4cm 5mm glass cover for a total of S$8. Luckily they could fit into the rebates after I brought them back home! The back piece will be permanently placed in position to support the light, the front piece could be opened easily whenever required using suction pads.

I transferred all my pH neutral Cryptocorynes into this tank and filled the tank with 3 bottles of distilled water before closing up the tank. Hope they will continue to grow well!


Shi Xuan said...


I find your crypt blog pretty interesting which I came across when I'm browsing through some crypt sites. I am especially interested in the way you set up your 2nd emersed tank. Btw, what's the name of the photo frame shop did you manage to get those glasses? I would like to get some of those too!

Shi Xuan

illumbomb said...

Hi Shi Xuan,

Glad that you like my blog. The shop is below HDB Block 22 along Boon Keng Road, opposite the multi-storey carpark. It is within walking distance from the MRT station. I suggest that you do a detailed calculation to ensure that the glass cover bought will fit your tank.

T S Wang