Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Cryptocoryne nurii 'Mersing'

I had the good fortune to ride on my friend's luck to locate Cryptocoryne nurii 'Mersing' in its natural habitat and as usual, we only found it only when we were about to end our search for the day. The cryptocorynes were found on a 1m X 1m island in a slow flowing river covered with tall trees, the substrate is fine sand and the pH is about 5.5 to 6.

Below are some close up photographs for your reference, note the beautiful red markings on the leaves. Pardon me for the bad photographs due to 1) the lack of lighting as it was close to 7pm, 2) shaky hands due to the excitement as well as hunger and 3) I only had a Nokia N73 hand phone camera with me...... blame it on anything but my photography skills!


Yoong said...

Nice finding. Did you have flower to confirm the species. Schulzei I found in the same area has similar leaf pattern.

illumbomb said...

Hi Yoong,

I did not find any flower but I deduced the species by comparing to this Japanese cryptocoryne hunter's photograph and video published on his blog: