Saturday, January 3, 2009

First Layer Pure Laterite

I finally found some laterite product that really looked like laterite! I was combing through the shelves of C328 (a famous local fish shop (LFS) in Singapore) when I saw this old package which looked like the brand Ghazanfar Ghori featured on his blog.

I boldly said to the friendly lady boss: "How much is this, can you give some discount? Looks like no one will be buying this packet.". She promptly agreed to give a discount which was beyond the quantum I expected so I bought it immediately. She told me that this used to be a popular product previously but not anymore now and this is the last packet available in the shop. She would not be stocking this in her shop in the future... sad.

At least this product looked more authentic than the Mr Aqua PLPNT'S Laterite-Ball I bought recently. Now the question is which species of cryptocorynes should I add this to??? Haha, I guess more research is required to be done with regards to the natural environment of the various species of cryptocorynes!

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