Sunday, January 25, 2009

Re-potting C. affinis 'Selangor'

I have these C. affinis 'Selangor' for more than half a year already, growing in 3 different type of substrates, namely lapis sand + coral chips, ADA Amazonia + Aficana and pure GEX (light green package) and they have not been growing well. Therefore, I decided to re-pot them today and make some changes to the substrates used.

For substrates, I decided to mix lapis sand to a mixture of ADA Amazonia + Aficana and added a small amount of peat granules. In one pot, I added some First Layer Pure Laterite and in the other I added some Mr Aqua PLPNT'S Laterite-Ball.

Hopefully they will grow better this year with the new substrates!

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