Monday, March 9, 2009

C. nurii 'Central Pahang'

My explorer friend managed to locate and collect C. nurii from a river in Central Pahang last weekend. According to him, the riverbed is hard and you could walk around with ease in the river. Around the same vicinity, the cryptocorynes growing on different substrates (some on sandy bed, some on rocky bed, etc) had different forms. He collected a few specimens of the various different forms for me, one of which had a spathe which opened today.

Form 1: petite with a lot of runners intertwined together to form a dense clump, roots are very long too
Form 2: leaves are narrow and long, with some black coating over the leaves and petioles, smelled faintly of blue green algae (BGA) to me

Form 3: broader and more greenish leaves, the spathe just opened with an outer white ring around the purplish limb with protuberances, beautiful!

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