Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Finally, my explorer friend's blog!

My explorer friend has finally started his blog after months of NATO (No Action Talk Only). I have advised him to start slow so that he will not run out of topics and subjects to blog and share. Well, he had already blogged 5 short entries today since I last visited his blog site a few minutes ago!

The blog language chosen by him is Japanese so for those who do not understand Japanese (including myself :-P), you can make use any of the free online web page translators. Hopefully he could sometimes blog in English and maybe possibly even Bahasa Indonesian too.

Hope that you all will enjoy his blog and find it interesting and helpful. He will be sharing his experience and knowledge which he gained during his numerous field trips to the Malay Peninsula and the Riau Islands of Indonesia (and hopefully many other regions in the future) in search of cryptocorynes, bettas and parosphromenus.

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