Monday, March 30, 2009

C. nurii 'West Pahang'

We located C. nurii 'West Pahang' during our recent field trip. Maybe due to the low water level at this site, the flowers were very much smaller as compared to those found in Terengganu or Central Pahang.

The locality is as usual in a small slow flowing stream along the edge of a forest where there is a good mix of shade and sunlight. The substrate is generally sandy and the pH measured was about 7.0.

The markings on the leaves are quite beautiful, "luminous green!" according to my friend. The leaves colour ranges from green for the more emersed leaves to brown for the more submersed leaves. The edges of the leaves are wavy, a typical characteristic of C. nurii, but unlike those found in Mersing, the specimens from this locality have no "red dots" along the main veins of the leaves.

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