Saturday, May 23, 2009

Cryptocorynes from Anambas Islands

My explorer friend explored Anambas Islands last weekend and found many streams with cryptocorynes. These cryptocorynes looked rather unique, we will leave it to the experts to decide whether they are the same or different species, whether they are new species / sub-species or some already known species / sub-species. Visit my friend's blog to view some photographs of these cryptocorynes in their natural habitats.

I planted the various specimens collected from different streams which he passed to me, and only have some photographs of their leaves to show you guys. 2 of the specimens have attached spathe but I am expecting them to melt away as some of these specimens seemed quite susceptible to melting. Don't pay too much attention to the location codes, only my friend will understand what they mean and where they represent.

C. sp. 'scurrilis upstream'

C. sp. 'Matak 1'
C. sp. 'Matak 3'

C. sp. 'Copper Type'
C. sp. 'Tarempa 2'
C. sp. 'Tarempa 4'
C. sp. 'Matak 4'
C. sp. 'Tarempa 8'
We are planning to go Natuna Islands next weekend. If the plan is realised, I will have more photographs of crytpocorynes in their natural habitats to show!

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Beautiful plant. Can I purchase this plant from you?