Friday, August 5, 2011

Cryptocoryne Horizontal Distribution Summary Table

My explorer friend shared with me his knowledge regarding horizontal and vertical distribution of species, especially that of butterfly which he was actively involved in the research when he was younger. We decided to carry out some analysis for cryptocorynes.
The below table shows the summary of the horizontal distribution pattern of cryptocorynes found in Malay Peninsula (including Riau Islands), Sumatra and Borneo. I categorised the distribution patterns into 4 categories:
  1. Spot Distribution (i.e. within 1 swamp or river system)
  2. Wider Distribution (i.e. more than 1 swamp or river system and located further away)
  3. Inter boundary distribution (across various countries or islands)
  4. Unknown
I created the below table based on the information deduced from "the crypt pages" distribution map for each species, with some amendments based on my personal experience gained from visiting the natural habitats of the various species of cryptocorynes in Malay Peninsula, Riau Islands and Borneo.

Why does Borneo has so many species under the category of what I termed as "spot distribution" compared to Malay Peninsula, Riau Islands and Sumatra? Is this due to the more complex palaeogeography of Borneo?


Hermes said...

The chart is a bit hard for me to read - but what a lot of work and 'food' for thought. Thanks.

illumbomb said...

Hi Hermes,

Thank you for the feedback, I have uploaded a hopefully clearer jpeg of the table.

justsumshitiheard said...

Again, thanks for the info, this information is very interesting for fellow Cryptocoryne enthusiasts such as myself!