Sunday, December 6, 2009

Cryptocoryne sp. 'Lingga 6' downstream

Since our crazy encounter in the previous stream where C. sp 'Lingga 7, 8 and 22' could be found growing in harmony within such a short stretch of one same stream, we decided to explore the downstream of the stream where C. sp. 'Lingga 6' was found.

We trekked a few hundred meters into the secondary forest along the stream and found many patches of cryptocoryne which had much greener leaves than C. sp. 'Lingga 6'.

Unfortunately, we were not able to locate any specimens with attached spathes at all to further determine how closely these cryptocorynes were related.
Overall, I felt that Pulau (meaning island) Lingga is really a crazy place with numerous variations in the cryptocorynes found there.

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