Sunday, December 13, 2009

A large scale outdoor cryptocoryne cultivation set-up

My friend decided to set up a large scale outdoor cryptocoryne cultivation facility instead of just relying on the fish tank type of set ups like many of us are using (including me :-p).
He is partially relying on fish tanks, but all the fish tanks have piped connections to connect to a large pond of water to allow continuous exchange of water. Water is pumped into pipes along the top of the tanks, allowing a jet of water to be sprayed onto a brick placed in each tank (to break the jet of water and spread the water droplets). Each tank has over flow pipe fixed at the base to control the level of the water, allowing the water which is constantly topped up to over flow back into the reservoir pond.

On top of the reservoir pond, my friend placed a few large fibre-glass tanks elevated using bricks. The same concept applies where water is sprayed into the tanks from the top and drained back into the reservoir pond through over flow pipes installed at the base of the tanks.

The results of such cultivation set up seemed rather positive after a few weeks of trial. The water temperature is low due to the large shaded reservoir pond. Coupled with the constant flow of water, the set up contained some rather difficult species which seemed to be growing well. My friend is using a mixture of lawn sand and used activated charcoal as substrate mix.
Nearby, there is a small "fish hotel" set up by my friend's friend who is targeting to rent out large fish tanks (see below) to hobbyists who do not have the space at home for such large fish tanks or who are planning to go for holiday and need some place to temporary "deposit" their fishes. Interested parties can ask me for the contact details of this "fish hotel".

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