Sunday, December 6, 2009

End of Singkep / Lingga Trip No. 2

We decided to call it a day after viewing so many different cryptocorynes and ate some instant noodle at a shop as late lunch.

Thereafter, we went to the waterfall area again to relax and I took a few photographs of the mushrooms which I found there. They were of various colour ranging from white to luminous yellow to brownish yellow.

We had to take a boat ride back to Pancur town again where we had decided to stay over for this trip. Below are some photographs taken during the boat trip.

Below are a few sunset shots of the majestic Lingga Mountain across the sea from our hotel courtyard.

We had dinner just below our hotel again, consisting of BBQ stingray and squid, stir-fried vegetable and fried noodles.

We woke up early the next morning to catch the 0715hrs ferry back to Tanjong Pinang in Bintan and then change another ferry back to Singapore. A weekend later, it was on the news that a ferry carrying over 200 passengers sank in Riau Province during a storm killing at least 29 people, and forcing the authorities to halt the ferry services there. Thousands of passengers were left stranded on the various islands until the ferry services resumed. Luckily we came back earlier or we could had been affect by this.

These are some photographs of the villages along the coast of the various islands of Riau Archipelago which we passed by along the way back.

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