Sunday, February 7, 2010

C. sp. 'Bukit Ibam Pahang Yellow Ring'

My explorer friend found very interesting specimens cryptocorynes from Bukit Ibam in Pahang earlier this week during his trip to Peninsula Malaysia. He conveniently termed it as C. sp. 'Yellow Ring' first.
The limb of the spathe is broadly opened and yellowish in colour. The limb is distinctively bullated with a pointed tail at the top where the yellow colour fades away. The limb also has very distinctive thicken yellow throat with the inside of the throat being white in colour. The unopened spathe is greenish in colour. 
Below are the photographs of the upper and under sides of the newer leaves for your reference.
I cut open the kettle when I reached home to photograph the female and male portions of the spathes.
Whether the above are related to an existing species (i.e. C. cordata? C. nurii? etc) as another variety or whether they could be considered as new species / hybrids / etc, we shall let you yourselves as well as the experts decide.

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