Saturday, February 6, 2010

Goodbye to C. sp. 'Kota Tinggi'

I hoped everyone would remember C. sp. 'Kota Tinggi' forever. This fragile species could only be found in a small pool in an old oil palm plantation in Kota Tinggi in Johor state in Peninsula Malaysia (at least this is what I know, if anyone out there know another location, please let me know!). Its limb is dark reddish in colour wih distinct crumpled surface.
I can now reveal photographs of how the plantation looked like without fear of over-revealing the actual location of this cryptocoryne. This is because my explorer friend confirmed during his trip to Peninsula Malaysia this week that the entire patch of plantation had been chopped down. 
If I had known that this would happen, maybe I would try to spend some effort to track down the plantation owner to inform him that there is this species of plant which could only be found in his plantation and possibly no where else on earth and hoped that he would preserve at least a 20m x 20m area of  his XX hactares of plantation to protect this species from possible extinction.
Goodbye to C. sp. 'Kota Tinggi', may you rest in peace.

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