Friday, February 26, 2010

South Kalimantan trip summary

19th Feb 2010 (Fri)
1500hrs - Finally managed to send out one last work related email to address my boss's concern. After a quick bath, I rushed out of house, took a taxi to pick my explorer friend up and then headed together to the airport. Luckily the traffic was smooth and we managed to reach the airport on time to check-in our baggage.
1715hrs - Boarded the plane to Jakarta.
1755hrs (Jakarta time) - Reached Jakarta and queued for a long while to clear immigration and claim our checked-in baggage.
1855hrs (Jakarta time) - Got out of the arrival hall and rushed upstairs to the departure hall only to find out that the local flights were at another terminal which required us to take a shutter bus or taxi to reach there.
1905hrs (Jakarta time) - Managed to reach the terminal 1 via taxi to complete our check in baggage.
1955hrs (Jakarta time) - Boarded the plane to Banjarmasin.
2230hrs - Arrived at Banjarmasin Airport.
20th Feb 2010 (Sat)
0005hrs -  Finally managed to complete our negotiation with the taxi counter at the airport and hired a car + driver.
0600hrs - Reached Taminglayang for breakfast at a road side warung (meaning a casual outdoor eatery in Bahasa Indonesia)
0700hrs - Reached Dayu, found our first cryptocoryne, likely to be C. cf. cordata with large submersed leaves.
0730hrs - Found 3rd location with C. cf. cordata in Dayu with emersed specimens.
0900hrs - Reached Ampah, decided not to travel further north, turned back and started travelling south.
1100hrs - Found 4th location with C. cf. cordata in Taminglayang.
1500hrs - Reached our last hunting location for Day 1, Tebing Tinggi.
1730hrs - Went back to Tanjung for dinner and stayed over in Tanjung. It rained heavily from 1900hrs until early morning the next day.
21st Feb 2010 (Sun)
0500hrs - Woke up, checked out of hotel and headed towards East Kalimantan.
0550hrs - Had breakfast along a roadside warung.
0650hrs - Found yet another location for C. cf. cordata near Haruai.
0800hrs - Reached foot of Gunung Lumut near the border of East Kalimantan, the furthest to the east we travelled to before turning back.
1000hrs - Reached back to Tanjung for Lunch.
1230hrs - Reached Barabai.
1600hrs - Reached Gunung Besar.
1630hrs - Found C. cf. striolata on Gunung Besar.
1710hrs - Reached a waterfall on Gunung Besar.

1720hrs - Friend almost hit by falling rocks at foot of waterfall.
1930hrs - Stayed over in a hotel on Gunung Besar.
22nd Feb 2010 (Mon)
0600hrs - Woke up and started hunting around Gunung Besar.
0800hrs - Found another location on Gunung Besar with C. cf. striolata.
1100hrs - Left Gunung Besar to head back towards Bajarmasin airport.
1300hrs - Spathe of collected specimen of C. cf. striolata 'Gunung Besar' opened.
1440hrs - Ended search between Banjarbaru and Rantau for C. hudoroi, no luck...
1610hrs - Reached Banjarmasin airport.
1620hrs - Managed to find a toilet to bathe in the airport before checking in.
1840hrs - Scheduled departure time.
1910hrs - Actual departure time. Stressed.
1945hrs (Jakarta time) - Reached Jarkarta Airport.
2000hrs (Jakarta time) - Reach baggage claim area and waited for friend's luggage.
2010hrs (Jakarta time) - Baggage conveyor belt had not even started. Decided to split up, I headed to terminal 2 hoping that they would still allow me to check-in for the connecting flight scheduled at 2050hrs while my friend continued to wait for his baggage. If I missed the flight, I would have to stay over in Jakarta and not be able to attend an important meeting the next day. Stressed!!!!
2015hrs (Jakarta time) - Reached terminal 2, happy to see that the check-in counter had not closed and was still serving 3 last passengers.
2020hrs (Jakarta time) - Cleared immigration, went to boarding gate.
2030hrs (Jakarta time) - Delighted to see my friend being escorted to the boarding gate by an airport staff.
2050hrs (Jakarta time) - Boarded plane back to Singapore.
2330hrs - Reached Singapore.
23rd Feb 2010 (Tue)
0030hrs - Home sweet home!!!!!!

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