Sunday, July 25, 2010

Belitung overview

Below are some bird eye view photographs of Belitung taken from the plane. As can be seen, Belitung still have large forested areas around.
Below are photographs of various hills on Belitung. 
Sadly, there are large areas of forest cleared for tin mining too.
Our worse enemy was the rain clouds.
We went to Belitung at the wrong timing, all 3 days spent there were rainy days. The locals told us it had been raining for days already.
Many cryptocoryne habitats were flooded. There were some which my explorer friend dared to enter to search for cryptocorynes, not being afraid of whatever bacteria, leeches, etc lurking in the flooded streams and river.
However, there were also other flooded streams which we confirmed with the locals that cryptocorynes could be found but we were not able to enter as the water level had raised by more than a man's height with fast flowing current. A snake was seen swimming in this river too, the risk was just too high to undertake.


Hermes said...

I;m really enjoying your trip but that water looks very high.

illumbomb said...

Yes, the water was very high. The interesting thing is that some rivers / streams will not flood even during heavy rain while others flood easily. It depends on the size of the rain catchment areas, the size of rivers / streams, etc. Cryptocorynes could be found in both types of rivers / streams.

Unknown said...

why scared to enter the water... go to Belitung liao then bo ji.... ask nakamoto to enter water wah lao eh....