Thursday, July 29, 2010

C. sp 'Belitung 2' West Belitung

I confirmed during this field trip that I am lacking in 'hunting' sense. I would had just walked past this stream without giving a second thought that there could be cryptocoryne found inside it.
It was my explorer friend who pointed out that there were likely cryptocoryne underneath the overhanging plants along the banks. To me, the dark patches seemed to be be just dead leaves or shadows?!?!?!?
In order to verify, someone need to enter into the water to check. Being a "city boy", I told my explorer friend that I did not want to deal with wet clothing (expecially underwear!) for the rest of the day. I do not mind bashing in the jungle and forest, but wading in water was just not my cup of tea! :-P
God will help those who helped themselves. My friend was rewarded with confirmation that cryptocoryne could be found after wading in neck high waters. The leaves all had distinct markings on them, both on the top and undersides.
I found this on one of the leaves!
The side of the banks were muddy as could be seen below and the pH of the water was low.
I managed to scoop out some beautiful residents of the stream for a photograph taking session.
What species could the specimens found belong to? C. bangkaensis? My explorer friend told me that some Japanese web site also published that C. cf. zukalii could be found on Belitung Island too?

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