Sunday, August 1, 2010

spending the rest of day 1 in Belitung

We visited a few more streams and swamps in Belitung until evening time on day 1 before deciding to call it a day and return back to our hotel. Below are some photographs of the various locations we visited.
The below is a forest stream with submersed eriocaulon sp. growing abundantly.
This was a forest stream which I liked a lot because it looked ideal for cryptocoryne to dwell in. If only the banks of aglaonema (or did I identified the ariod wrongly?) could be turned into cryptocorynes!
These were a pair of bottom dwelling fishes found in the stream.
Belitung had many swampy areas with flooded forest.
Some of the areas were flat with sandy base with small trees. There are probably areas where forests were cleared for tin mining previously. A mountain range could be seen at the background.
We passed by a river at night and found some cryptocorynes therein and decided to come back the next day to take clearer photographs.
The driver recommended us to have dinner in an authentic Javanese restaurant. The owner served us dishes after dishes until the entire table was stacked with plates.
The different types of meat, seafood and vegetable mixed with different types of chilli paste and curry were very tasty and delicious! We finished almost all the dishes except those crab dishes which were high in cholesterol.
The bill burned a large hole in out pockets too, $262,000IDR = $40SGD!
We ended the night buying some fruits from road side stalls back to hotel to eat.

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Hermes said...

What a great trip. Not sure which I liked most, the plants you found -or the food!