Saturday, August 7, 2010

C. sp. 'Belitung 4' North Belitung

We travelled for the next 1 hours plus searching various streams which we passed by. I took some time to scoop some inhabitants to take photographs.
Finally we found a forested area with a flooded forest stream running through it. In this stream we found the cryptocorynes growing submersed, and we suspected that during dry season, the entire bed of the forest stream could possibly dry up and be covered with carpets of emersed cryptocorynes.
The cryptocorynes found here were of rather uniform size and appearance. The leaves were all rather small, with dark green upper sides (covered with faint reddish dots) and slightly reddish under sides.
The stream bed was muddy and the pH of the water was about 5.0.
Again, we could not locate any flowers to determine the species and therefore, I shall record them as C. sp. 'Belitung 4' first until hopefully, I am able to flower the small amount of specimens I collected. Could it be the common C. bangkaensis or something else?

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Hermes said...

Hard to recognise when growing like that. Perhaps you would be allowed to take some home.