Friday, August 20, 2010

C. sp. Belitung 5 'West Belitung'

The 3rd day in Belitung was quite a leisure day as we only visited 1 other cryptocoryne habitat, which was the one which we passed by during our 1st night. As usual, breakfast was the same Javanese style coffee and jam toast, simple but delicious.
Along the way we caught a few bettas, of which one of them could be a new sub-species / species under the foerschi group.
The cryptocoryne which we found were fully submersed in water. The base of the river was sandy with pH of about 6.0. Again, I am not able to confirm the species as no flowers were found.
It started to rain heavily again during noon time. I took a photograph of a lone boat rocking in the choppy sea beside the restaurant where we had lunch.
After lunch, we went back to the hotel to bathe and then to the small airport on Belitung to catch the flight back to Jakarta to connect back to Singapore. By the time we reached home, it was past midnight already.
This wrapped up our adventure in Belitung. 5 cryptocoryne habitats were located but sadly, no flowers were found at the various habitats to allow us to confirm the species. Lets hope the few specimens which I collected back would survive and flower.

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Hermes said...

Pity about the flowers but wrong time of year probably - anyway I foun it most interesting, here in a rain-swept uk.