Wednesday, August 4, 2010

C. sp. 'Belitung 3' South Belitung

Early in the morning before the sky turned bright on our second day in Belitung, the hotel staff delivered our breakfast to our rooms. Breakfast was simple but delicious butter toast with jam infill and Javanese coffee.
As mentioned earlier, we visited Belitung at the wrong time period. It started raining the moment we commenced with our hunt on day 2. We decided to head south on day 2 and found our 3rd cryptocorynes habitat in Belitung soon.
The cryptocorynes were growing fully submersed in the stream. The leaves were rather large, almost 1/2 a palm size. The underside of the leaves were reddish in colour and the leaves were slightly bullate.
We tested the pH of the water, it was about 5.0. What species could these specimens be? C. bankaensis? C. xpurpurea? C. cordata? Any advise?

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Hermes said...

Not sure what they are, but I am so with you on this trip. I can taste that coffee.