Sunday, August 29, 2010

C. sp. 'Pahang 5', perfect loop!

As I stated, Pahang is really a huge state in Malay Peninsula. We found this other stream in a forest in Pahang with cryptocorynes growing on the sandy bed of the stream.
There was a portion of the stream with many roots from adjacent trees growing out of the shallow water. There were many cryptocorynes growing among the roots.
The shape of the cryptocoryne leaves were wide ovate with cordate base. The upper side of the leaves was green in colour while the under side was slightly reddish.
There was a few leaves which was so round that my friend termed the specimens as C. sp. 'perfect loop'! These specimens reminded me of the C. cordata we found at Rompin which was in Pahang state too (but not close to this new location at all) which had rather round leaves too. Could these be C. cordata too?
This is a video to share with you.

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Hermes said...

Never seen leaves as round as this. cordata sems a good guess though as it is very reactive to environmental effects.